Confirmation Program

Confirmation Preparation
Confirmation Coordinator:  John Ciribassi ~ (630) 483-4222,

Format Overview and Schedules
Junior High classes meet weekly starting in September. The classes are 75 minutes. 1st and 2nd year sessions will prepare teens to celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation, which can first be celebrated in their 8th grade year. The topics include: seven Sacraments, Scripture, Saints, prayer, liturgy, Mass, morality, and church history. Each session begins with Breaking Open the Word in Marian Hall.

Schedule of Classes (Pick one)
Monday: 7:00pm to 8:15pm
Tuesday: 7:00pm to 8:15pm

Teens must bring a “Chosen” workbook to class each week.

Overview of the Sacrament of Confirmation:
Confirmation is a completion of baptism. In the sacrament of Confirmation, individuals become stronger members of the Catholic faith.  They are empowered to share their faith with others. Teens will be challenged to share and defend their faith in school, sports, music, art, and in the community.

When can you be Confirmed?
The Diocese of Joliet identifies individuals between the ages of 14 and 16 years of age as Confirmation candidates.  Individuals not ready for this step of initiation into the Catholic community will be able to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation as an adult.

Confirmation I (typically 7th grade), is preceded by faith formation sessions each year. Make up classes will be required for those not completing this requirement.

Mass Attendance:
Confirmation students are expected to attend Mass every Sunday. Confirmation I and II students are required to complete 15 Mass Reflection Sheets a year.

Sponsors must be a confirmed practicing Catholic over the age of 16. Candidates may choose one of your Godparents. Siblings, or other family members may be chosen as sponsors but not parents. The sponsor is called to be in relationship with the candidate so that they can guide the candidate deeper into the Catholic faith. Sponsors must return a sponsor verification form (completed by the sponsor’s home parish) indicating that the sponsor is a Catholic in good standing. Students will complete a Sponsor Report that indicates why this sponsor was chosen.

Confirmation Name:
Every candidate must chose a Confirmation name. This is a Christian name from the Litany of the Saints or from the Bible. The Baptismal name may be chosen. A Saint report must be completed explaining the background of the Saint and the reason he/she was chosen.

Service Projects:
Each candidate must have completed two service projects each year (1st and 2nd Year) or a total of four service projects . The service must be an action completed in the community for others. We will post any service opportunities in the parish bulletin or hand out flyers during sessions. A Service Project form must be completed for each project.

Letter to the Pastor:
Each candidate will write a letter to the Pastor requesting the Sacrament of Confirmation. Included in the letter should be: 1) Why I want to be confirmed, 2) Reasons why the Saint’s name and sponsor were chosen, 3) Information about completed service projects. What was done? How did the project spread the Kingdom of God?

Every Candidate will attend one retreat in each year of Confirmation Prep.

Year One Retreat:
Held in March from 9am-7pm
Teens registered for the first year of Confirmation prep will have a day long retreat 9:00am to 5:00pm in Marian Hall. The day will include lunch.

Year Two Confirmation Retreat
Held in the Fall
All Year Two Confirmation Students need to attend a retreat. The Fall Retreat will be held Friday evening and Saturday daytime. Parents join their child at 4 p.m. for parent meeting. The retreat includes dinner on Friday, breakfast and lunch on Saturday. Parents will be asked to help with supervision.