Corpus Christi is dedicated and committed to its Mission Statement to reach out to all and to bring its parishioners closer to Almighty God through Jesus Christ and our Community of Faith.

How do we do it? First of all we welcome all new parishioners who are sincerely interested in their relationship to Almighty God. Second, we assume that when people register they are willing to be an active part in the parish and to share in its ownership.

It follows that ownership involves an awareness of God’s blessings and a commitment to a way of life, sharing with Christ the gift of God’s creation, the gift of life, the gift of all God’s blessings. It’s called Stewardship and Corpus Christi is a Stewardship parish.

Based on Scripture, Stewardship reminds us that we are but stewards or caretakers of the gifts of time, talent and treasure which the Lord has given us, and as good stewards we owe a share – a “tithe” – the first and best portions of those gifts to the Lord. Stewardship tells no one what to give, but seeks instead proportionate giving from all members.

More over, as members of a parish community, we have the moral responsibility to contribute our fair share to the support of the services and ministries on which we depend.

As a church too, we all share the ownership and responsibility to be good stewards. We owe our members faithful, accurate and consistent reporting on the uses of funds and should rightfully “tithe” our own parish resources to other worthwhile causes as a natural completion of the Stewardship process. Since our “Founding as a Parish” in 1989 we have given a percentage of the Sunday collection to those in need through our St. Vincent DePaul Society. We are currently giving five percent.

We hope you will prayerfully consider the challenge we all share to be “Faithful Stewards.”