Collection Counters (Time and Talent #601)
Parishioners who count the Sunday collection on Monday mornings.
Staff Contact: Business Office 630-483-4673 x108


Garden Club
Help maintain our grounds and gardens by watering, pulling weeds, planting. “Green Thumb” not required.
Chief Steward: Janice Bennett  630-293-1928

Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Painters, etc. (Time and Talent #603)
Parishioners willing to share their mechanical and construction expertise and experience with the parish. Requires a willingness to share their ideas and guidance in building management and property upkeep.
Staff Contact: Parish Office 630-483-4673

Templekeepers (Time and Talent #604)
Get the church ready for weekend masses by vacuuming, cleaning windows, etc. One to two hours on Friday mornings.
Chief Steward: Pauline Murphy 630-231-6722


Office Help (Time and Talent #605)
Volunteers to help on large parish mailings and special projects. Varies as needed.
Staff Contact: Elizabeth Mazur 630-483-4673 x105

Annual Appeal Team (Time and Talent #606)
Lead the drive for the Joliet Diocesan Catholic Ministries Annual Appeal (CMAA)
Staff Contact:
Elizabeth Mazur 630-483-4673 x105


Altar Guild (Time and Talent #607)
Help maintain altar linens and albs by cleaning and pressing
Staff Contact: Elizabeth Mazur 630-483-4673 ext.105


Birthday Greeters (Time and Talent #608)
The cards and a list are provided and all you need to do is address birthday greetings for parishioners. Pick up and return the supplies at church. This ministry is done at home.
Chief Stewards: Tina Slobodecki 630-372-0129 and Cookie Slobodecki 630-372-6802